Alon Perlov, Darren Mervis and Gareth Stonefield are at the helm of our business with the main objective of providing professional financial services and products to you, and your business.

Together, Alon, Darren and Gareth operate with a rare mix of energy, careful consideration, tenacity and persistence.

We are experts in the field, with collectively, over 60 years of experience in the financial planning environment and over 2 000 clients. Our purpose is to give our clients peace of mind, now and into the future. 

Discovery, our partners, are also committed to supporting us to provide our clients with forward-thinking solutions.

We are passionate and ready to provide our clients with unsurpassed financial services, delivered to you by our dedicated team of specialists. 

Our Partners: Alon Perlov (centre), Darren Mervis (left) and Gareth Stonefield (right)

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