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Abundance is the enrichment of your life and the lives of those you care for, those you wish to leave your legacy to.  Diversification of your financial portfolio gives you the peace of mind should one of your assets be affected the others will continue to provide, in abundance ensuring that you and your loved ones are able to live a full life.

The options available today which enable you to build a robust, diverse, sustainable financial portfolio are innovative, bespoke, international.  Our experience and expert knowledge of the range of products, our genuine care for your financial future enable us to configure a diverse product set to suit even the most discerning investor

Investments (Wealth Solutions)

Our team of highly skilled professional advisors and matchless support staff are consistently at hand to implement and control your financial protection solution.


  • Local Investments – Endowment and Flexible Investment Plans allow you to access your investments in a tax efficient manner

  • Guaranteed Investments – The Guaranteed Plan ensures a guarantee on your investment return after five years and provides security while your investment grows

  • Offshore Investments – Offshore Investments provide an opportunity for international exposure and diversification by offering Offshore Endowments and Offshore Flexible Investment Plans.  It allows protection against currency weakness and opens up a larger investment universe.

  • Retirement Investments – Retirement Plans, Retirement Income Plans and Preservation Plans provide retirement solutions while rewarding you for taking proactive steps in managing your money.  Our solutions help grow your retirement savings faster.

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