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Preparation in the real world is best managed in the same practical, pragmatic manner in which you’d tackle the challenge of reaching the summit of Everest.  As a mountaineer you would understand that at the top it will be cold and there will also be a lack of oxygen, it is therefore advisable to pack the equipment required and carry it with you – there’s no ‘do-overs’  if you want to summit any peak.

Life is the same – we do know that we will age, our ability and capability to earn will diminish with time, as will our health, we don’t know at what rate degradation will occur.  We also know that we will stumble over bumps through our life journey, we don’t know the nature of these bumps.  There will be windows of opportunity that open along the journey, we don’t know whether we’ll have the means to seize these opportunities.

Retirement Planning

This process should start long before you retire.  With our tailor-made solutions, we can help you reach you ‘magic number’ by identifying sources of income, estimating your expenses and implementing your unique savings program while managing assets and risk on your behalf.

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