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Talking about and planning for death can be intimidating and unsettling.  Having a will is necessary to take control of your estate and, to take care of those that are left behind.  It gives the ability to appoint guardians of minor children, keep a record of assets, limit taxes payable on deceased estates and can also provide clarity on important decisions regarding medical care if you are unable to communicate your wishes.  A letter of wishes added to the will means no second guessing for those you’ve left behind as they will be aware of your wishes. 


The establishment of a trust will ensure that assets are preserved after your death and will be passed on to future generations for a purpose.  Assets left to beneficiaries who cannot manage their own financial affairs due to being minors, inexperienced or handicapped can be managed and protected on their behalf.


•   Drafting of your Last Will and                   Testament 
•   Drafting of a Living Will 
•   Drafting and registration of

     Inter-vivos- Trusts
•   Deceased Estate Administration 
•   Holistic Estate Planning Services


•    Buy & Sell agreements

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