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Employee benefits for Corporates and SME’s

Updated: Mar 6, 2020

Employee Benefits are the foundation of a great job. Our approach is to ensure that we add value to the financial products chosen through a comprehensive understanding of your individual employee needs.

For the employer we add value by providing your leadership team legislative updates, investment opportunities, administration services, staff counselling and through our staff wellness days we also provide insight into vulnerabilities faced by your business pertaining to your employees combined wellness.

Entrepreneurship is not a position it’s a lifestyle. Owning a business has many demands –protecting your assets, developing your strategy and ensuring day-2-day business continuity. These however are the least of your worries, growth comes from gaining and retaining great employees that genuinely care for clients. Employee retention is linked to employees who feel safe in the knowledge that what you offer them in employee benefits is right up there with any large corporate.

We help you and your employees to thrive through our three–pronged approach – Prepare, Preserve, Diversify.

Each human is in pursuit of the core purpose to thrive while they’re alive. This purpose is one we share with you at Perlov & Associates. We have honed our skills and expertise to identify areas where we can advise you in securing the unknown. We have partnered and aligned our offering with the most innovative, forward thinking organisation in the financial product portfolio development, Discovery.

We are recognised by them as leaders in the financial advisory services arena and this makes us the right organisation to select to ensure that you are able to Thrive while you’re Alive.

Healthcare and the corporate wellness environment is in our DNA. Post our evaluation of all your staff we will be in a position to provide solutions for all your employees irrespective of the previous healthcare background. Our administrative team will facilitate the process from application to card issue.

We don’t stop there we manage changes in family structures, year-end reviews, day to day queries regarding hospital authorisation, chronic medication and managed care programs.

Our wellness days can either be attended at our office or we can facilitate them at your premises – we encourage participation, make it fun and most importantly gather key statistics that provide you with insight with regards the wellness of your corporation.

Gap cover is no longer a nice to have it’s become an imperative to ensure that you are not faced with debt after having gone through a difficult situation.

Ten, Twenty years ago you had limited choices with regards choosing Life cover. When last did you review what is on offer and whether it meets the needs of today’s workforce and your business. Let us review what your offering and investigate whether there is scope for improvements. We offer advice on Life cover, Severe illness cover, Income continuation, Preservation funds.

Having a will has many advantages – it protects the inheritance of children under 18, Establishment of a trust for the sole benefit of your children ensures you can avoid governmental guardian fund fees, a letter of wishes means no second guessing for those you’ve left behind they’ll be aware of your wishes, you will save on estate duty with proper planning and having a living will is a necessity. Let us help you and your employees with the important task of leaving a legacy.

From business insurance to personal household or homeowners we offer you the ability to preserve what you own wherever you go.

We have the partners, know how and experience to ensure that in the event of a claim your process will be streamlined, effective and frustration-free.

A full life falls short when the risk of being stripped of our dignity weighs heavy on our mind, read more.

Contact Us today, you should Thrive, while you're alive.


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