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COVID-19: Extended benefits across all health insurance products

Updated: Mar 9, 2020

Discovery acknowledges the first confirmed case of COVID-19 in South Africa and commends healthcare providers and the National Department of Health for their swift and decisive action.

Recognising the importance of being prepared for public health emergencies and of giving all our clients access to the most effective cover under all circumstances, Discovery Health has announced the availability of a new benefit that complements existing benefits and extends cover in cases of COVID-19. The WHO Global Outbreak Benefit provides full funding for tests and treatment in confirmed cases of COVID-19 during the period of the outbreak. Discovery Health Medical Scheme worked with its regulator, the Council for Medical Schemes, to finalise this benefit and it is available to all your clients who are members of the Scheme.

Dr Ryan Noach, CEO of Discovery Health, said “We will support efforts to ensure that South Africans understand those preventive habits that protect against acquiring this viral illness. It is important to make the containment of COVID-19 a top priority, which the World Health Organization says is feasible.”

Stay informed and learn more about read more about COVID-19



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